Camp Forms

Medical Forms

For compliance with insurance requirements, Medical Forms are required for overnight camping.   Parts A&B are to be completed by a parent or guardian.  Part C, which is required for Summer Camp (or other long-term camping), must be completed by a physician.  Medical Form privacy is protected by the Pack and Troop through careful paperwork handling and limiting access to only those leaders who have a position-specific need to see them.

Please download the BSA Medical Form here and fill out the required sections for the activity.

For children who need to take regular medication, please download and complete the Medication Administration Record.

For children who carry an Epi-Pen, please download and complete the Epi Pen and Inhalers form.

Please ensure:

  • That the form is filled completely.  Please read all text and check all boxes required.  It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure accurate medical forms.  Our Pack/Troop Medical Form Coordinators are parent volunteers who count on Scouts’ parents to do their best to ensure complete and accurate medical forms.
  • If a physician is substituting a print-out for Part C, it must be:  1) hand-signed by somebody in the physician’s office, and 2) contain all the information required on Part C.  If information required on Part C is not provided by the physician’s printout, the summer camp will send the child home, as required by state law.

Campership Forms

Every Scout should go to camp if he or she wants to.  Through the gracious support of American Legion Post 22 in Lebanon, and the Daniel Webster Council campership program, Pack and Troop 279 are able to send more Scouts to camp than would otherwise be able to participate.  If you could use some help sending your Scout to camp (a Scout is Helpful!) please print, fill, and submit, by February 1st:

Packing Lists

Please download and print an updated packing list and check off items as you pack them before every outdoor activity.  If you bring your checklist to camp with you, you can use it to make sure you bring everything home, too.

Pack 279

Pack 279 Personal Packing List

Troop 279

Troop 279 Personal Equipment Checklist