CoVID-19 Agreements/Forms

‘Weekly’ CoVID-19 Certification
(EVERY Event)
Family CoVID-19 Troop Participation Agreement
(One Time)

Message to Troop Families

Dear Troop 279 Families,

As of 7/14/2020, Troop 279 is RE-OPENED under Daniel Webster Council reopening guidelines. These guidelines are very strict and precise to maintain the safety of Scouts and Scouting Families while allowing the essential Methods of Scouting to continue. Bonnie Scott is the Troop CoVID-19 Coordinator – please contact her with any questions (check the roster).

This creates more work for everybody, no question.

To participate, all Scouting families MUST download, read, and sign Guidelines for Scouting Unit Activity and Meetings before participation is allowed. This document contains all of the Council rules for re-opening. Troops are allowed to add additional requirements but not allowed to subtract any. For example, we added a ‘one family per tent’ rule to the original version of the document, which was later incorporated into the current revision of the Council rules.

In addition, every family MUST provide a signed copy of the ‘Weekly’ CoVID-19 Certification form before before participating in EVERY meeting AND event. This form states that there have been no potential-CoVID symptoms in the household in the past two weeks. We understand that some non-CoVID ailments may occasionally prevent participation, and that this is non-ideal, yet it remains necessary under the Precautionary Principle. Our Coordinator MUST collect these forms on the way in to an event, so she stands sentry to protect the Troop. Please DO NOT drop off a Scout and leave without making sure the paperwork is accepted.

We are required to keep every one of these documents on file for a minimum of one year, to help enable backtracing of potential case clusters.

As of September 1st, we are permitted to meet indoors under new guidance. We will limit indoor use to wash-out class rain or dangerous weather until the nights get too dark. Indoor meetings will strictly require masks at all times and social distancing. As long as we have enough sun for at least a 6-7PM meeting at Camp Cole, we’ll meet there preferentially. If it’s just drizzle, the outdoor meeting is on and we’ll be social-distancing under a big tarp at Camp Cole. We’ll be back on Zoom if or when another lockdown is ordered.

With all that said, it’s time to be SOCIAL, continue learning valuable life SKILLS, and most of all, HAVE SOME FUN!

Yours in Scouting,

Bill McGonigle
Scoutmaster, Troop 279, First Congregational Church of Lebanon, Daniel Webster Council, BSA