ILST – Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

Troop 279 will be hosting an ILST event for small Upper Valley troops. Every troop is expected to run a yearly ILST event to train Scouts who are new to leadership positions, though with small troops this requirement can be a challenge. By banding together, we expect to run a great training event that can be replicated next year as troops grow.

Date: 10/05/2019 (Sat.)
Time: 8:30am – 2:30pm EDT
Location: First Congregational Church of Lebanon10 South Park St., Lebanon, NH 03766 

ILST teaches each Scout the basic leadership skills necessary to be an effective leader in your Troop. Every Scout who is a leader in his or her Troop will be a more effective leader for having taken this course.

Each Scout in a leadership position (SPL, Scribe, Troop Guide, Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders) needs to take this course.  Any Scout who is interested in standing for Troop elections in the Spring is highly encouraged to attend.

These leadership skills translate to school clubs, sports teams, and any community organizations, so any interested Scout is welcome. Scouts who wish to continue their leadership training after this event are encouraged to attend the NYLT training at Hidden Valley.

The $8 fee includes lunch and a Trained strip (ILST is how most Youth leaders earn their trained strip). Adult volunteers eat free.

Please RSVP on our signup page at least a week in advance, so we can order enough patches:

More information on ILST can be found here:

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