Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training (YPT) is a program to train adults involved with Scouting to recognize danger to youth and to protect Scouts from those dangers.

YPT is required for all youth-contact leadership positions, all Key 3 positions, and all adults accompanying youth on Scouting events (un-registered parents of Scouts, typically). It covers a variety of topics including identifying predators, in-person and online bullying, and proper procedures to ensure the safety of youth in the Scouting program. It may be taken by anybody, whether or not they are a registered member of BSA. Many parents report that they were surprised to learn more from the course than they were expecting.

Training consists of watching a series of videos and answering questions in an online quiz format. Please allow 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the training. When your training is complete, please print your competition certificate, make a copy for your records, and submit the certificate to your unit leader. Please forward the PDF certificate to your unit leader if you can as well.

To launch the course, first navigate to and create an account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see this screen. Click the left round shield logo to launch Youth Protection Training.

Scroll down to “Youth Protection Mandatory Training v2 Learning Plan” and click “+Add Plan”:

Next, click the “Youth Protection Mandatory Training v2” blue title to launch the course:

Finally, for each section, 1-4, click the “Launch Course” button:

When each section is completed, return to this screen and launch the next section. When all sections are complete you will be presented with a certificate to print. Please forward the PDF certificate to your unit leader if you can as well.

Thank you for helping to protect Scouts!